Marie’s Nutcracker  is a new young-adult novel by up-and-coming author Margaret Marie Klenzing. It is fully illustrated with nineteen original drawings by Rori Alexander.

Marie’s Nutcracker tells the charming story of a seventeen-year-old dancer on the cusp of becoming a professional ballerina. Marie is a good dancer, one of the best at her local dance studio. Yet, she often feels insecure, particularly around Jasmine, a self-centered prima donna who has the starring role in the yearly production of the Nutcracker. Peter, a handsome professional dancer from New York, is hired to partner Jasmine, with whom she stakes her claim over him. Marie is uncertain how to address her own romantic feelings for Peter.

Unexpectedly, a Hollywood movie company comes to town to film its unique production of the Nutcracker at the local mall. Many dance school students, including Marie, are hired as extras for the film and are delighted for the opportunity to be in a Hollywood movie. During filming, Marie bonds with Whitney, a teenage popstar hired to sing in the film production of the Nutcracker. As friends, they both find paths reinforcing the love of their art.

Exciting behind the scene action with many new twists and turns make Marie’s Nutcracker relevant to today’s teenagers. It is written for general audiences and contains no strong language or sexual situations. Fun and enjoyable, and focused on dance.

Let's Make A Movie!

We hope you enjoyed Marie’s Nutcracker. Some recent film productions have tried to put a dark spin on the Nutcracker— which is not true to Tchaikovsky’s vision.

It is time to make another Nutcracker movie focused on fun and dance. It also needs to be updated. Today’s kids are smart consumers. Placing the Nutcracker in the nineteenth century alienates the youth market. For example, how many kids even know what a ‘hobby horse’ is? They know iPhones, computers, electric cars, skateboards, hip-hop, and more— and they know malls.

Placing the Nutcracker in a mall setting offers more unique advertising opportunities than any other advertising outlet. Advertisers pay large fees to place their products in movies for a measly ten seconds. With the Nutcracker situated in a mall, advertisers could receive 1-2-3- up to 15 minutes of advertising exposure depending on the dance number they sponsor. Imagine the advertising revenue this new Nutcracker could generate!

Come, and be part of the effort to produce Marie’s Nutcracker film. Talk about the idea with your friends and family— and at your dance studio or company. Do you know a film production company willing to take on this task? Once production begins, we will need lots of talent— dancers, musicians, designers, costumers, and more. You can help! Contact us.

It will be fun and should be financially rewarding.

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